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Loudi Foreign Trade Talent Training Symposium Held in HUHST
2022-10-20 16:36  

On the afternoon of October 19th, the Loudi Foreign Trade Talent Cultivation Symposium was held in the first conference room of our library. Kang Yanhua, Vice Mayor of Loudi City, Tang Haochu, Deputy Secretary-General of the Municipal Government, Zhu Qiang, member of the HUHST Party Committee and Vice Principleof our universityattended.Responsible persons of relevant functional departments and relevant units of Loudi City, and representatives of some foreign trade enterprises participated. Tang Haochu hosted the meeting.

Wang Zhihe, Deputy Director of Dean's office, introduced the four majors related to the cultivation of foreign trade talents-business English, e-commerce, financial management ACCA class and law majors. Liu Shengyu, deputy dean of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship College, analyzed the employment of foreign trade talents and the reasons for the shortage of foreign trade talents in Loudi according to the employment situationof graduates of related majors in our university over the years, and put forward suggestions for retaining talents to serve the local economy of Loudi. Liu Xintian, Dean of theBusiness College, Hu Jin, Dean of the Foreign Studies College, Zhu Yaobin, Dean of theLaw College, Huang Min, Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Center, and Zhou Weijun, Deputy Director of the Scientific Research and Social Services Office, respectively introduced in detail the training and employment of foreign trade-related talents and the idea of serving the local local economic development in recent years.

Representatives of 10 foreign trade enterprises spoke in turn. They have said that at present, foreign trade talents have strong mobility, and there is a large demand for professional and versatiletalents, and they hope to reach cooperation with our university to introduce talents, andhope that the government can introduce talent policies to promotethe development of local foreign trade economy.

In response to the actual situation and problems of the school site, the functional departments of Loudi City responded. Luo Zhiguang, director of Loudi Customs, pointed out that at present, the foreign trade industry in Loudi urgently needs talents and improve the level of foreign trade services. He suggested that enterprises should change from focusing on commodities to sales, and improve their concept of the international market; Strengthen the return and introduction of foreign trade talents from the coastal areas to the interior; It is recommended that the government directly support foreign trade enterprises. Zeng Chungu, deputy director of the Loudi City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and Yi Jiayu, deputy director of the Loudi City Bureau of Commerce, put forward suggestions on talent training and introduction.

Zhu Qiang introduced the business scope and service forms that our school can provide for the development of local foreign trade economy, including staff training, post practice, specific business counseling and consultation, etc. He put forward the idea of cultivating foreign trade talents: first, use the Hunan Province science and technology conversion and transfer demonstration base to build an exchange platform; The second is to create the talent training model; The third is to promote the professionalization of the team, which can work from the two ideas of "school-enterprise-student" and "government-enterprise-commissioner"; The fourth is to innovate the enterprise management model, contact with teachers, and establish a talent sharing mechanism.

Kang Yanhua made a summary speech. She stressed that the key to cooperation lies in talents.On the one hand, our universityshould cultivate more versatiletalents.On the other hand, enterprises should actively introduce our students; And cooperation between the platform can be strengthened in a variety of ways; School-enterprise cooperation can also be carried out through purchasingservices, student internships, and staff training. She put forward several suggestions on how to achieve cooperation: holding regular exchange meetings, annual job fairs,establishingpractical training bases,issuingrelevant policies and documents by government departments, and cultivatingschool-recommended poor students by enterprises. She pointed out that supportingforeign trade talents requires concerted efforts of the government, enterprises and universities, and called on all parties to further unite their forces and jointly write a magnificent picture for the economic development of Loudi.

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